Cat carriers: type of carriers, their advantages, and disadvantages,

Cats, by nature, are not usually enthusiastic about moving from one place to another against their will. The cat carrier is the basics thing that you should buy as a cat owner. This is very useful so that you can carry your cat with you, when going to veterinary, grooming salon or even on trips out of town. You will definitely have a fun trip if your cat accompanies you on such trips. With these cat carriers, your lovely pet will be safe and comfortable at the same time.

Carrying the pet carrier can also be helpful since you will have an easier time bringing your cats and you can as well concentrate on driving even with their presence in the car. If you are planning a trip with your cats do not forget to purchase a cat carrier; it will definitely make your journey experience more enjoyable and easier. The following are some cat carrier that you can choose from.

Type of cat carriers

The four main types of cat carriers are:

The home-made cat carrier of the items you have at home. Some people transport their cats in an old cardboard box, or a pillow, or a washing basket. These kinds of the carrier are not safe for moving the cat around. Cats can easily escape or get injured if they are conveying them in items that are not particularly designed to be cat traveling carriers. These sorts of carriers are not safe to move the cat around. Cats can effortlessly escape if you used items that are not specifically designed to be cat traveling bearers.

Cardboard Carrier. This type of carrier is usually found in cat adoption facilities. They are frequently given to customers to move their newly adopted cat home. While it is generally acceptable for this limited, short-term use, this particular cat carrier (cardboard boxes) is not recommended as a regular, permanent carrier.

  • Pros of cardboard carrier.
    The major advantage of the Cartoon Cat Holder is its low cost compared to more sophisticated smooth side plastic counterparts.
    It is suggested that this kind of cat carrier is also for those who have small cats, and cannot guess what the size of an adult will be. Except, you are ready to replace the cat travel home often and have enough money to do this, you do not have to go for the model made from cardboard.
  • Cons of cardboard carrier.Cardboard Carrier is not strong enough to deal with cat’s scratching. After quite a lot of uses, it is possible that Miss Kitty has punched a few holes and preparing for a breakout. Another drawback of Cardboard carrier is that it is not good with urine, spilled water, or other liquids with which it may come into contact. These substances will weaken the cardboard, and it is not possible to adequately clean them off for future use. And also Cardboard carriers are also not approved for airline use.

Soft-sided Cat Carrier. These sorts of cat carriers are typically made of nylon or ballistic nylon and are usually lightweight and easy to carry. The soft sided cat carrier is not a bag without a shape that your pet will sink into. Quite the contrary – it has a stable and durable structure or design that can hold its shape. Therefore, your cat will feel great inside without being unnatural. The materials that are used to produced this type of carrier are strong and not easily worn out – you can get a model made from leather of an artificial fabric.

  • Pros of Soft-side carrier.
    Usually, it has soft side models well attached to the removable bedding that can be made from a variety of friendly and comfortable materials, such as faux lambskin. And it is easier to clean than cardboard carrier. Another benefit of these cat carriers is that they come with a unique tether that allows to safe places of the cat inside the inner compartment.
  • Cons of Soft-sides carrier.
    In warm weather, soft cat carriers can make your cat become very warm. It usually has better ventilation along with more space for cats to move around.

Also, Soft cat carriers are less sturdy and lighter than hard carriers, making them more prone to slip around the back of the car on long trips.

Hard-sided cat carrier. This type of carrier is usually made of plastic, and they are very strong and durable. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of hard-sided carriers are as follows:

  • Pros of the Hard-side carrier.
    These types of cat carriers are the easiest of the carrier type to clean. And if a heavy object should fall against this type of carrier, it will provide much greater protection to the occupant than the soft-side carrier.
  • Cons of the Hard-side carrier.
    Hard-sided carriers may be a bit harder to fit under an airline seat.

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