Pet Water Additive Dental Care – Freshen Breath, Promote Healthy Gums, Reduce Plaque and Tarter Build Up – For Dogs and Cats, 16oz

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The Conscious Pets Water Additive answer is formulated with the finest materials for freshening breath, reducing plaque and tarter building up, promoting in shape gums, and giving the finest oral hygiene answer for your canine and/or cat! Tested in opposition t different water additive solutions out there, the Conscious Pets Pet Water Additive has at all times been a pet favourite! With all the right materials in our method, your be troubled to your pet’s dental hygiene is over! Join the Conscious Pets household and Add to Cart now!

  • BEST DENTAL HYGIENE FOR Canines AND CATS! ✪ The superb water additive answer for maintaining your pet’s mouth clear and in shape with out the want of a toothbrush and toothpaste. The Conscious Pets Water Additive will maintain your pet chuffed, and the owner chuffed!
  • FRESHEN YOUR PETS BREATH WITH Extremely good Style ✪ Your pet will love the style of this formulation! The special method has been tested in opposition t different pet water additive’s out there, and has at all times confirmed itself because the most favored style by canines and cats.
  • PROVIDE Mild AND Advantageous GUM Fitness ✪ The absolute most crucial cause of drinking the Conscious Pets Water Additive to your pet. Help stay away from any an infection from taking place, reduce redness within the gums, and boost typical gum fitness in your friend.
  • REDUCE PLAQUE AND TARTER Building up ✪ Without the appropriate water additive, your pet will in due time have an increase in plaque and tarter building up. The Conscious Pets answer is mild and but very quite simply in fighting and controlling any building up!
  • THE Conscious PETS Business Assure ✪ Make your purchase nowadays chance free nowadays. If your cherished one doesn’t just like the style of our answer, and/or you don’t see growth of dental hygiene, you can also return for full fee. Add to Cart now!



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BEST DENTAL HYGIENE FOR DOGS AND CATS! ✪ The perfect water additive solution for keeping your pet’s mouth clean and healthy without the need of a toothbrush and toothpaste. The Mindful Pets Water Additive will keep your pet happy, and the owner happy!


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Pet Water Additive Dental Care – Freshen Breath, Promote Healthy Gums, Reduce Plaque and Tarter Build Up – For Dogs and Cats, 16oz

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